Juice Therapy


In my last blog post, I mentioned juicing as a means to detox.  In this article, I am going to discuss some specific juices that can be made to treat common ailments.


There are several methods you can use to create a therapeutic juice. Fist, you can try the freshly squeezed method.  This doesn’t work so well with vegetables, but, will work with any of the citrus fruits in the list below.

In order to juice your vegetables, you will need a high powered blender or a juicer.  If you use a high powered blender such as a NutriBullet, simply add the fruits and vegetables to the blender, add water, and blend.  If you use a traditional juicer, you will need a larger amount of fruits and vegetables in order to make the same amount of juice.  The juicer will extract the water and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you put into it.  Also note that if you use a high powered blender – never, ever put pits or seeds from fruits into your blender – especially apple seeds – which may release cyanide when blended. Remove pits and seeds to be safe.

Check the list below for common ailments and the fruits and vegetables that have been found beneficial in their treatment:

Acidity : Grapes, orange, carrot and spinach.  Mix with alkaline water.
Acne : Grapes, pear, plum, tomato, cucumber, carrot, potato and spinach.
Allergies : Apricot, grapes, carrot, beet and spinach.
Arteriosclerosis : Grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, celery, carrot, lettuce and spinach.
Anemia : Apricot, prune, strawberry, red grape, beet, celery, carrot and spinach.
Arthritis : Cherry, pineapple, apple, lemon, grapefruit, cucumber, beet, carrot, lettuce and spinach.
Asthma : Apricot, lemon, pineapple, peach, carrot, radish and celery.
Bronchitis : Apricot, lemon, pineapple, peach, tomato, carrot, onion and spinach.
Bladder Ailments : Apple, apricot, lemon, cucumber, carrot, celery, parsley and watercress.
Colds : Lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, onion, celery and spinach.
Constipation : Apple, pear, grapes, lemon, carrot, beet, spinach and watercress.
Colitis : Apple, apricot, pear, peach, pineapple, papaya, carrot, beet, cucumber and  spinach.
Diabetes : Citrus fruits, carrot, celery, lettuce and spinach.
Diarrhea : Papaya, lemon, pineapple, carrot and celery.
Eczema : Red grapes,carrot, spinach, cucumber and beet.
Epilepsy : Red grapes, figs, carrot, celery and spinach.
Eye Disorders : Apricot ,tomato, carrot, celery, parsley and spinach.
Gout : Red sour cherries, pineapple, tomato, cucumber, beet, carrot, celery and spinach.
Halitosis (Bad Breath) : Apple, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, tomato, carrot, celery and spinach.
Headache : Grapes, lemon, carrot, lettuce and spinach.
Heart Disease : Red grapes, lemon, cucumber, carrot, beet and spinach.
High blood pressure : Grapes, orange, cucumber, carrot and beet.
Influenza : Apricot, orange, lemon , grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, onion and spinach.
Insomnia : Apple, grapes, lemon, lettuce , carrot and celery.
Jaundice : Lemon, grapes, pear, carrot, celery, spinach, beet and cucumber.
Kidney Disorders : Apple, orange, lemon, cucumber,carrot, celery, parsley and beet.
Liver ailments : Lemon, papaya, grapes, carrot, tomato, beet and cucumber.
Menstrual Disorders :Grapes, prunes, cherry, spinach, lettuce, turnips and beet.
Menopausal Symptoms : Fruits and Vegetables in season.
Neuritis : Orange, pineapple, apple, carrot and beet.
Obesity : Lemon, grapefruit, orange, cherry, pineapple, papaya, tomato, beet, cabbage, lettuce, spinach and carrot.
Hemorrhoids : Lemon, orange, papaya, pineapple, carrot, spinach, turnip and watercress.
Prostate Troubles : All fruit juices in season, carrot, asparagus, lettuce and spinach.
Psoriasis : Grapes, carrot, beet, and cucumber.
Rheumatism : Grapes, orange, lemon, grapefruit, tomato, cucumber, beet, carrot and spinach.
Stomach Ulcers : Apricot, grapes, cabbage and carrot.
Sinus Trouble : Apricot, lemon, tomato, carrot, onion and radish.
Sore Throat : Apricot, grapes, lemon, pineapple, prune, tomato, carrot and parsley.
Tonsillitis : Apricot, lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, carrot, spinach and radish.
Varicose Veins : Grapes, orange, plum, tomato, beetroot carrot and watercress.

When using these juices to treat any of these conditions, drink 8 oz of the juice five or six times a day and eat lightly for optimal results.  The juice can be continued for 30-40 days without any ill effects.  When juicing, remember to get an adequate amount of rest.  These juices act as cleansing agents and will start the elimination of substances in the body which cause these diseases.  After juice therapy, gradually return to a normal diet and substitute the juice for meals on occasion.


How to Detox At Home Inexpensively


Detox is a buzzword often used today to describe cleansing or ridding your body of harmful substances which might include things like sugar, gluten, heavy metals, chemicals in the foods you consume, as well as environmental pollutants. Buying products to cleanse your body isn’t really necessary. You can do a few things at home to help rid your body of these unwanted materials without breaking the bank, spending upwards of $40 – $60 a week on cleanses. Experts in Ayurveda recommend detoxifying your body once ever three months, as a general rule. You may need to detox more often if you have certain health conditions that affect your digestive system. Check with your doctor before beginning any detox program, especially if you have diabetes.
Here are some simple ways to detox that may help you feel better, boost your immune system, and give you more energy.

1. Juicing

You can do a 1, 2, 3, or even 10 day Juice cleanse. All you need is a juicer or a high powered blender. There is a difference between a juicer and a nutri-blast or ninja that you should know. In the case of the high powered blender, you drop the fruits, vegetables, and powders you want to mix into the blender, add water, and voila! – You have juice. This juice is the same as food, and has the same calorie content. If you are looking to lose weight, you can’t do that by adding these types of blended juices to your already existing diet. You can, however, substitute meals with the blended drinks. A juicer, on the other hand, will take all the pulp and food contents out of the fruits and vegetables, leaving you with nothing but the water contents that your fruits and vegetables are made of. This is pure juice, and you can have meals with this type of juice and still lose weight. Both methods are valuable. You just have to choose the one that works for you.

2. Herbs

The best tea for intestinal cleansing is Senna Leaf. You can buy this at your local grocery store, and drink up to three cups a day for several days to cleanse your body gently. One cup a day is sufficient to maintain healthy bowel movements. I recommend Milk Thistle as a supplement or tincture to cleanse your liver. You may also want to add Dandelion root, which is a diuretic and promotes waste elimination. Parsley is another very common her to reduce the buildup of toxins in the urinary tract. Just add some parsley to your food, and eat up! To boost your immune system, I suggest Oil of Oregano and Garlic.

3. Water

Water therapy is the best therapy. Your body is made up mostly of water, and if you want to keep it feeling and looking great, you must drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily. Add additional water if you live in a hot climate, sweat a lot, or do strenuous physical activity. I recommend staying away from water containing flouride and drinking Mountain Spring Water. You can also add Alkaline water to your routine to bring down the levels of acidity in your body. This may be good if you experience heartburn or related issues in your body.

4. Essential Oils

Adding some essential oils to your daily routines can’t hurt. You can get a diffuser for less that $20.00. Add a few drops of peppermint and eucalyptus to that diffuser, and you have fresh, clean air to breath that will aid in detoxifying your respiratory system. You can take warm baths with a few drops of Lemon and Mandarin essential oils added to them. These oils smell wonderful and they aid in cleansing your lymphatic system and reduce inflammation in the body. For a good night’s sleep, add some lavender. There are many ways to use essential oils. These oils cross the blood-brain barrier and have profound effects on your mind and body. Be sure to read up on the cautions with any oils you use, however. They are strong medicine and shouldn’t be used in some cases.

5. Cinnamon, Honey, and other Spices

There are many spices that are readily available that can support you on your quest for detoxification. I recommend cinnamon and honey mixed in water. This can improve and cure hundreds of ailments. Look into it if you are so inclined. You might also try turmeric to help you body fight inflammation and chronic pain. If you experience PMS, you might try adding fennel seed to your meals. If your digestion needs a boost, try adding some ginger and black pepper to your diet.

The bottom line is, we could all use a boost every now and then. There are hundreds of ways to cleanse your system and to start feeling better almost immediately. Try some of the above steps and do your own research to find a program that works for you.

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Find Your Balance in 2016

“Whoever would be a teacher of men, let him begin by teaching himself before teaching others and let him teach by example before teaching by word.  For he who teaches himself and rectifies his own ways is more deserving of respect and reverence than he who would teach others and rectify their ways.”  -Kalil Gilbran

This blog is about radical self care.  If you are in a service profession, the words in the above quote mean a lot.  We must begin with caring for ourselves.  It is almost impossible to give when your cup of self-love is empty.  To continually serve others, your cup needs to be full and overflowing at all times.

For the new year, instead of writing resolutions, let’s just do the things that make us feel good!

Here are a few things I do that help keep my self- love cup full, and give me the strength and endurance to give to others.

1.  Spend Quality Time with Your Children!  Especially if they are little.  Stop everything you are doing and just focus on them for awhile.  Children are so happy, naturally, and they thrive on your devoted attention.  By giving this gift to your children, they will teach you how to be truly and genuinely happy.

2.  Be mindful of every moment you have, and be present with everything you do. Stop all the noise and the worry, and whatever you do, just get into it with your whole being.  Everything- even the tough things are easier when we practice mindfulness and presence.

3.  Surround yourself with positive people and uplifting experiences.  If you want to be happy, you’ve got to stop letting negativity in.  Make this change, and your life will be better forever.

4.  Practice Gratitude.  Touch everything you own, and say thank you for it. Remember that tasks and difficulties are not problems – they are opportunities.

5.  Remember that others are reflections of you.  Whenever you notice something about someone else that bothers you, ask yourself if you do the same. People are mirrors. Smile at them, and they will smile back.

6.  Don’t try to change everything at once.  Whether you want to lose weight or stop a bad habit or start eating healthier, or start a new habit- these things take time.  While it is good to keep your goals in mind, it is not good to beat yourself up over them.  Change is a journey- not a destination, and we all know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step….right?

7.  Plan for your success.  Many people start without a plan, but, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.  Make a map.

8.  Take time to recharge, before you are drained.  Every week, block a day out just for you to do whatever inspires your heart and makes you feel great.

Taking care of yourself is the most effective way to find a harmonious balance in your life.   Lets not only function, but learn to thrive in 2016! 

Does Reiki Really Work?


I have been a master of Reiki since 2009. Since learning this healing art, I have witnessed profound changes and heard countless stories of seemingly miraculous healings from others.

I was sold on Reiki when my grandmother was in the hospital dying from leukemia. She wasn’t eating or drinking, was hallucinating, and the doctors said she would unlikely make it through that night. I gave her a 45 minute reiki session. To everyone’s surprise the following morning, my grandmother was requesting food and drink and had completely recovered! She was released from the hospital that afternoon and lived the rest of her time on earth leukemia free. True story. I know without a doubt that reiki has the power to heal.

Six years later, I feel like Reiki has gotten a bad rep in the public eye. New Age Spirituality has turned Reiki into some sort of mystical practice that you have to believe in like a religion. It has led the public to believe that angels and spirits and even aliens must be channeled in order for healing to occur. None of that is necessary.

I am here to educate the public and widen awareness of Reiki. There is a reason why it is widely used in hospitals across the country, and it is not because of its New Age popularity.


Here are the facts – the real facts- and nothing but the facts:

These chakras everyone keeps talking about – these energy centers- are the sites of the glands in your body that secrete hormones.



When comparing the above photos, we see the connection.

The levels of hormones in your body contribute to your mental state, your emotional state, and your physical state.

Some of these glands perform functions which are still not clearly understood by science.

Your heart emits electrical impulses. This creates a biomagnetic field that extends beyond your physical body.


Reiki has a positive effect on this biomagnetic field and these glands.

Reiki has been practiced in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times, as well as by the Chinese and Japanese. Reiki made it’s way to the United States through Japanese Origin, but, in truth energy medicine has been practiced since the ancient Vedas were written.

Believe it or not, my stance is that you have to try it for yourself. Call me for a session! No matter what the issue – physical ailments, stress, a mental health issue, an emotional problem, an acute injury, a broken bone, a terminal disease – Reiki can help!

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Headache? Massage to the Rescue!


If you suffer from frequent headaches, there is an alternative to reaching for that Tylenol, Excedrin, and Ibuprofen.  Even though these drugs are readily available, excessive use of these drugs can cause serious health problems, including liver failure.  Massage therapy can reduce the frequency and intensity of chronic headaches by reducing tension, deactivating trigger points, and improving circulation.

So, what the heck is a trigger point?  I am glad you asked!  A trigger point is not a “knot”.  It is an area in a muscle that may be painful to touch which refers a sensation or pain to another area of the body.  These points can wreak havoc on our bodies.  I am specifically trained to look for and eliminate these trigger points to bring you relief.

Massage for headaches works by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the tense muscles of the neck, face, and scalp.  During a tension headache, these muscles will become tightly contracted and the blood vessels supplying oxygen to these muscles become constricted, resulting in an inadequate supply of nutrients to the tissue.  Massage helps to relax these muscles, allowing nutrient supply to return to the tissues.

Sometimes, stress can be the cause of tension headaches.  Our stress response causes us to tense up involuntarily, while massage induces the relaxation response, reducing the symptoms of the sympathetic nervous system’s response to stress.  These stress responses include muscle tension, increased heart rate, a rise in adrenaline, and shallow breathing. Massage brings about relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system to calm down all of these symptoms.  Chronic stress can truly take a toll on the body.  Getting regular massage can save you from this problem.

Migraine headaches are another animal entirely.  According to the American Headache Society, every 10 seconds, someone goes to the emergency room with a migraine.  The lost work due to migraine disease costs more than $13 billion dollars every year in the United States.  True Migraine headaches are induced by triggers like the weather, missing a meal, stress, alcohol, menstruation, crying, and various types of foods. Massage can greatly reduce the pain of migraines.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as deactivating trigger points in the upper back, neck, and around the base of the skull.

Here are some home care tips for headache sufferers:

1:  Before you reach for medication, reach for ice.  Cold therapy for headaches brings about maximum benefit at home.  While heat may sound good, ice will make you feel better faster.

2:  Eat something.  If you feel nauseated because of your headache, eat a few crackers and sip some peppermint tea.  If you can eat a bowl of soup with a fairly high salt content, this works even better.  The salt will cause your cells to absorb water more rapidly.

3:  Drink water!  Did you know that you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every single day, and even more if you perform physical activity.  This means that a 200 pound person needs 100 ounces of water a day.  The average bottle of water is around 20 ounces.  That means a 200 pound person needs at least 5 of those daily!  Not consuming enough water is the #1 contributing factor to headaches.

4:  If you have a foam roller, you can lie down on it lengthwise so that your head hangs off the edge.  Be sure the edge of the roller sits right at the base of your skull.  Hold that position for a few minutes.

If these simple self-care techniques aren’t doing the trick and you want to find a better way to reduce the severity and frequency of your headaches, give me a call.  I can help!

Stephanie Rodriguez – LMT, KRMT
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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Skin Brushing


Have you heard of skin brushing?  Most people care for their faces – cleansing, toning, exfoliating, face masks, face steams, regular facials…..but….what about the rest of your body?  Your skin is your largest organ.  It provides sensory input to your brain and helps protect your body from extreme temperatures and environmental hazards. Skin brushing can help keep your body in tip top condition – looking and feeling great!

Skin brushing stimulates your lymphatic system.  It boost immunity by stimulating the body to remove cellular waste.  When your lymphatic system is not working properly, these wastes can build up and make you sick, leading to inflammation and disease.  Skin brushing aids in the detoxification process at the cellular level. It also increases circulation.

One of the greatest aesthetic benefits of skin brushing is the reduction of cellulite.  Skin brushing helps to distribute fat deposits more evenly in the body, which diminishes the unsightly appearance of lumpy skin.

Skin brushing reduces muscle tension, calms the mind, and relieves stress.  Many compare this technique to a light whole-body massage, and for those that like a little scratching, skin brushing provides that much loved stimulation.

Now, these benefits are all wonderful, but, there’s more!  Improvement of digestion and kidney function are immediate effects that this treatment can provide for you, due to skin brushing helping your body shed excess water.

Skin brushing can be invigorating and energizing, or can be calming and soothing, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish.

I use a high-quality skin brush with  bristles made from natural materials.  It is a treatment that can be added on to any massage or reiki session.  If you’ve never tried this treatment, you are likely to be very surprised at how good it makes you feel.   The benefit of having someone else perform this treatment for you are that your therapist can reach all those areas that you may not be able to with the same consistent pressure as the rest of your body.

To find out more about my skin brushing treatment, click here!

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The Health Benefits of a Salt Glow

spasalts (2)

You may think that doing a salt glow is only for ladies that want to be pampered, but, this is not the case!  There are numerous health benefits to salt glows, and they benefit everyone!

First, let’s discuss the types of salts used.  In my salt glow spa treatment, I use a blend of Black Hawaiian Lava Salt, Pure Pink Himalayan Salt, and White Salt from the Dead Sea.

The Black Hawaiian Lava salt comes from the salt ponds on the western side of the island of Kauai.  This salt contains activated charcoal and is prized for it’s medicinal properties.   Activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years to cleanse the skin, relieve sunburn, increase circulation, and detoxify the body.  It can also be used to whiten the teeth, and if you ingest a poisonous substance, it could save your life.

Pure pink Himalayan salt comes from Pakistan, where it is mined very close to the Himalayan Mountains.  This salt contains up to 80 different trace minerals, and when mixed with water becomes an ionized solution that is similar to ancient waters which contained the building blocks of life on the planet.  This solution helps to draw toxins out of the skin and adipose (fatty) tissues.  The vivid pink color of the salt is a result of energy-rich iron. Magnesium and potassium contained in these salts is absorbed into the body through the skin, which leaves your skin hydrated, refreshed, and revitalizes your mind-body connection, leaving you feeling energized.

Lastly, the waters of the Dead Sea have been world-renowned for their therapeutic effects.  It has been widely known for two thousand years that salts from the Dead Sea heal the human body.  While normal sea salt contains an abundance of the mineral sodium, salts from the Dead Sea are mainly comprised of magnesium, potassium, and bromides.   A solution of Dead Sea salt and water is a germicidal agent, which speeds the healing of wounds and enhances the production of collagen in the skin.  Collagen is the protein which gives skin it’s elasticity and youthful appearance.   Dead sea salts combat stress, slow skin aging, ease muscle stiffness, enhance relaxation of the muscles, and calm the nervous system.

A full-body salt glow treatments is 60 minutes of heaven. Salts are applied to the entire body with vigorous circular strokes.  The treatment removes the top layer of dead skin cells, and allows the salts to be absorbed into your body with the use of water.  Oil is added to the mixture to make the skin soft and supple.   The salts are then removed with hot, wet towels, revealing a more youthful appearance.

Find out more about it  by clicking here.
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What is Reiki, and what can it do for you?


What is Reiki?  Reiki is a Japanese word, which is actually composed of two words.  “Rei” means universal.  “Ki” means life energy, therefore, Reiki means Universal Life Energy.  This energy is commonly called the life force.

Contrary to what you may have heard, Reiki is not a spiritual practice, is not associated with any religion, and is not something you have to “believe in”.  It is not faith healing.   Reiki is a science that produces a calming therapeutic effect on the body and your mental and emotional state. 

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of the universal life energy, from the unborn child to the elderly.  Reiki is even beneficial during labor and can be used in conjunction with hospice care to help a dying relative pass on more comfortably.  Reiki can be used on animals and plants as well as humans.  In fact, every living thing can benefit from this energy, including our living Mother Earth.  Reiki is an accepted practice by the medical community and is practiced by nurses in many hospitals worldwide.

Reiki’s most prominent benefits are relaxation and stress reduction.  In today’s world, Reiki is a powerful key for defense against all sorts of diseases that stem from overworked minds and bodies under stress. It can help speed the healing of acute injuries and may relieve chronic pain. Reiki heals the spirit and as a result, the spirit heals the body.   Reiki is not an alternative to traditional medical care, but, a complimentary alternative therapy to be used in conjunction with your regular healthcare routine.

Access to personal development is made stronger by opening the Kundalini energy source.  Kundalini Reiki is the most powerful form of Reiki on the planet today.  The Kundalini energy raises the body to enlightenment.  While other forms of Reiki focus on the feeling and movement of water, Kundalini Reiki comes from connection with the core of the earth and raising the inner fire.

My Kundalini Reiki sessions usually last 60 minutes.  The session may be done fully clothed, or draped for comfort.  I will scan the energy around your body using my hands to check for hot, cold, or open areas, then check the spin of your Chakras with a pendulum and record the results.  

The Reiki session will then begin with sage smoke around your body.  It smells heavenly, and it clears your energy field, helping you to relax and become receptive to the energy being given to you during the session.  

Next, there will be a gentle, laying on of hands, working from head to toe, starting with chakra clearing, chakra balancing, energy field renewal, and shielding.  Singing bowl toning of your solar plexus chakra is included in this treatment.  The sound of the singing bowl when combined with the energy radiating from the solar plexus provides a huge reduction in stress and anxiety levels, anger, and negative feelings.  

While I am not a psychic, I am an empath, and as such, I may receive some intuitive information during your Reiki session. I do not assume I know anything, but, will discuss my findings with you during or after treatment.

If you are interested in having a Kundalini Reiki Session please contact me.  I would be happy to discuss what Kundalini Reiki can do specifically for you.

Click here to find out more about Shakti Healing Arts’ Kundalini Reiki Experience.

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5 Unexpected Reasons Why You Need Massage in Your Life Immediately

The power of massage is undeniable.  When you are under the care of expert hands imbibed with some sort of mystical power to remove your aches and pains, to melt your stress, and to make you feel better, it can be a heavenly experience, but……the real power of massage is in the days following treatment when suddenly, you realize that your range of motion has increased, the pain you had is still gone, and you are feeling happier and more energized than you have felt in months – maybe even years.

You may not know this, but, the benefits of massage extend far beyond simply soothing your aches and pains.

Here are 5 Unexpected Reasons Why You Need Massage in Your Life Immediately



Are you one of those people who feels disconnected even though you are connected everywhere to everyone at all times?  Facebook, twitter, e-mail, your tablet, your phone, your laptop – it’s a connection that never stops. Unfortunately, these connections can leave us feeling disconnected from personal relationships and from ourselves.  When you sit at a desk all day or you are checking every notification on your phone and returning text messages, your mind is constantly thinking of the next thing you need to do, and your body is being dragged along.  There’s a difference between walking and being dragged, and you can tell who’s aware of their own body and who isn’t.  Massage can help you to realize that your body is important and it is speaking to you.  We tend to ignore our aches and pains when we are “busy”. Reconnecting with your body is the first step in learning to love yourself.



Your massage therapist doesn’t care if you forgot to shave or if you don’t wear any makeup.  In fact, in the case of makeup, we prefer that you don’t wear it.  We want to see you in all your natural glory.  Massage therapists are trained specifically to offer you a safe space that includes self-acceptance.  While this benefit is not necessarily one of the most measurable benefits of massage, it is, arguably one of the most important.  Massage provides a space where that voice of self-doubt – the one that’s telling you that you’re too fat, too skinny, too old, too selfish – can be silenced, and that, my beloveds, is a serious benefit!


Scheduling a massage for yourself is an act of RADICAL SELF CARE.  By doing this, you are sending a message to your body that you are WORTH IT.  That you are valuable and important, and worth the investment of time and money that it takes to make all of your dreams and goals reality. When you receive a massage, you are allowing the natural healing process to take place in your body, allowing your mind to let go of control, allowing your emotions to settle into a place of zen, and allowing your spirit to absorb the care and kindness that your therapist is extending to you.  You deserve it!


Receiving massage from a trusted provider who has your best interests at heart can help with trust issues created by prior traumatic experiences and rocky relationships.  Many people have issues with trust and feelings of vulnerability. Regular massage in a safe environment can increase your feelings of trust in others and inspire you to let more people into your life.  Being vulnerable is not about being weak.  It is an act of strength and courage.  Massage can help you with that!


Many people commit to some sort of spiritual practice.  Massage can be considered a spiritual practice too!  The state of the spirit is affected by the body, hormones, emotions, and mental state.  ALL OF THESE ARE CONNECTED.  When the spirit is in a state of relaxation, the body naturally begins to heal itself.  It is the same reason as why sleep is important.  We need to get into that deep meditative sleep in order for our body to repair itself.   When the whole person is recognized and treated a space is created for healing to take place.

If you are looking for a massage therapist who understands the connections of the mind, body, emotion, and spirit, contact me.  I can help.

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